Animal Interiors plant, gestaltet und konzipiert Innenräume.

Animal Interiors umfasst technisch-konstruktive Aspekte ebenso wie ästhetisch-künstlerische Belange.

Hier entsteht Stil, und es kommt tierisch gut an.

Sonntag, 13. Februar 2011

Garden of eden


Garden of eden is a set of furniture for the garden. The hanging chair can be placed in a tree or veranda, like a bigbirdcage. It gives you the feeling to sit in your own space. At the same time you can have contact with the surrounding because of the open structure. 

The chairs and table have a laser cut pattern from different items you find in the garden. The same pattern is embroidered at the pillows. 

The furniture can be placed in the garden as a piece of jewellery, and when you want to use it, simply add the pillows.
commissioned by: Ontwerpduo
type: industrial product
production: Bregil B.V.
distribution: Ontwerpduo
material: coated steal
dimensions: hanging chair: 134 cm x 91 cm, chair: 94 cm x 54 cm, table 100cm x 42 cm
photo’s: product by Lisa Klappe, scale model by Patricia Rehe
made possible by: Bregil B.V.

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